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Community Activities


Since the clubs founding in 1978, one of the commitments made was to be involved in the local community. Each year LCCC provides cars and drivers for numerous fair and civic parades, high school and college homecomings, etc. Examples would be St Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Halloween Parade's.

LCCC members made a decision in 2003 to participate in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's (PennDOT) Adopt-A-Highway program removing trash from our designated mile and a half section of PA 283. Twice each year club members turned out to help pick up the trash. Due to safety concerns in 2022, PennDOT announced they would no longer permit groups to work on Lancaster County's major highways (30, 222 and 283). Our program ended after collecting a total of 1993 bags of trash.

Being a car club we are very interested in safe driving and most of our members are parents or grand parents of young drivers. Needless to say, we are concerned about their driving skills. As a result, a number of the club's members have been involved in helping with driver education programs. 

LCCC is proud of its charitable and community involvement and has been recognized twice in recent years by being awarded the Eagle One Community Service Award for the Northeast region.

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